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Today I watched a movie named《INTERN》. I have to say I learned a lot from this movie.

Ben , a 70-years-old man , was a successful businessman as VP of a yellow page company . He hates quiet and retired life and wants to get busy , so he finds a job that a senior intern work for Julie a young woman who is the boss of ATF(AboutTheFit.COM) .

That is funny , right ? Ben is able to be Julie’s father.But the most interesting is Ben changed Julie’s life . Ben and the movie tells me how keep a young heart and how live in the world of work .

It’s no doubt that Ben is a old school gentleman . First of all , Ben always wears a suit and tie,clears his face every day.He can insists on one thing for long time . I feel ashamed that i can’t do that and I need to learn . Second , he shows his high EQ on deal relationship of colleagues . Third , Ben takes care of his workmates well , invites homeless workmate to live in his house , drives his boss Julie come to work and back home even takes care Julie’s daughter . The end of movie,Ben becomes Julie’s friend despite their age difference .

(By the way , what things i insist on are eating and gaming)



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